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About the installation

Cathedron performs a clean install and provides a standard uninstall (through 'control panel/add remove programs'). Cathedron will not create any registry keys and will only copy/create files in the installation folders.

Default login

Don't want to read the manual? Try user 'dev' with password 'dev'.



Cathedron V1.5 (28 september 2016)

Filename: Cathedron-1.5.exe - Filesize: 17.8 MB


Cathedron Manual September 2007 (14 september 2007)

Filename: Cathedron Manual.pdf - Filesize: 1.3 MB

The manual is still based on the 1.0.22 release. In the 1.5 release the 'structure modeler' can be found as the 'information modeler' in the new design menu.